life's like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you'll get
-Forest Gump

Friday, 18 November 2011

tamat form 4.

assalamualaikum.put your hands up.form 4 da habis.what i mean is sesi pembelajaran tingkatan 4 iaitu utk tahun 2011 da habis.yeahhh and noooo..yeah for it's school holiday.and no because it mean saya dah nak masuk form 5 da next year.WHAT??opsss it's okay la.sebab saya da se-sedar-sedarnya dah ni.(btl ke bm saya ni).lantak la.

#so mengakhiri post ini.saya sertakan gambar berukur xde final exam results.
#tengoklah sepuas-puasnya.sebab tahun this results will be totally different.thank you.

*nampak tak addmath aku C tuhh.memang aku teruk la dlm addmath i'm gonna work it out no matter what.

T H E  E N D.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

i can do it

setiap kali aku nak try something it always came out the opposite way.kenapa??tapi kali ni aku boleh.aku amirah iffah azmay boleh buat semua ni.walaupun aku tak tahu sama ada aku suka atau cinta dia, aku taknak tahu.walaupun dia muncul beribu-kali dalam mimpi aku pun aku takkan ambil tahu.sebab aku amirah iffah azmay adalah 2012 spm candidate and i'm setting my target for spm.straight A's as possible bro.

so you and me are not meant to be.aku taknak anything getting on my way.kalau tak i'll regret this for the rest of my life.2012 is my more second place.sorry aisyah .not only her but dalam family aku pun i always be the second one.sebab in my family ada genius yang bernama muhd ikhwan it possible ?? i don't know.we'll see.aku tak boleh janji sebab i'm not good on keeping my promise.

dan satu lagi.aku boleh sebab i'm the only daughter of rosni abu hassan.if she can get through the ........... and survived.why can't i ???.aku anak dia..#sayangibusampaibilabila.and i will make her proud.please wait for me.kidaryo juseyo~iloveyoumom.ramai tak percaya dekat aku.cakap aku banyak main-main.tak serius.tak'll see.


Thursday, 3 November 2011


Nichkhun must be the brightest person so far I have met among the artists. He’s not captivated by easily acquired fame and money, and his greatest strength is that he can easily determine what really matters the most.
He’s simple and honest. He is a loveable person, who honestly and sometimes naively tries his best.
The difference or a gap between Taecyeon’s excellence and the things he’s lacking is very adorable. He might be acting very sexy on stage, but in reality he’s the most simple-hearted and genuine of them all.
There’s a word in Korean “kki” () which means “natural talent“. It refers to naturally gifted artists, and this boy has that kind of talent. He‘ll be become a great entertainer, if he manages to break through his shell. 
Junsu is a dinstinctive personality already. As a person from Daegu, he has a unique accent. He was hiding it, but during one variety show, he went and used it all out unawares. After that day, he discarded all the boundaries, and it became an honest part of him to the very core of his songs.
 Even thinking of him moves a corner in my heart.“For a celebrity it’s better to be unattractive than to look like someone else.” It really hurt to see him agonize over certain things.
(Source: thehottestssantiqueen)

p.s,,down here is my favourite member of 2pm.taecyeon~taecyeon~ok taecyeon <3

"oppa mideodo doeji OK"
translation:oppa i can trust you OK.