life's like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you'll get
-Forest Gump

Friday, 25 March 2011

man and football O.O

HAHA.this picture is absolutely not related to what i'm gonna talk just to show [GIRLS POWER] WAHAHAHAHA :P

man.i don't understand them.wassup with man and football.they always with football.when we ask them
"so what you did this evening" and they answer "playing football"
"so what you gonna wear for tonight" and they answer "football jersey"
"so what you planning to do this night" and they answer "watching football"
"so what the news for today" and they answer "Manchester wins"

OMG don't you have better things to do.
that why i don't understand them.and I'm not going to try understand them.
men,boys and even babies~~

and when there's a goal.they'll say out loud "GOALLLL"
what??don't they think that others are also watching the game.
there's no point to say it out loud..others already know it a goal.

and one more things.
they always watch the game at "mamak's"
so what with the big tv at home haa.
what the point buying the tv if you not going to watch it.
p.s-well i could watch the tv all all the time.thanks for buying it anyway.

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